Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things for Which I've Been Paid To Do

I've written serious articles for small money, spam movie reviews for decent money, and other people's papers for serious money. I've sold cds, DVDs, and drugs. I've helped a paranoid man research World War II and a blind man organize his photo slides. I've held five different positions at four different movie theaters in three different cities. I've gotten in a van with three other guys and driven around the country playing punk music. I've been the door guy at rock shows and gone door to door for political campaigns. I organized a Battle of the Bands to raise money for kids with cancer, I discussed my sexual history with a psychology professor, I built a website for an economics professor, and I took another student's entire semester of online courses. I've been a Key Grip, a Best Boy, and an editor. I've transcribed interviews for a TV documentary about bridges, and I've assistant taught at a Hebrew School. I've been a camp counselor, a babysitter, a house sitter, and a plant-waterer. I've digitized contracts, fundraised at a pre-teen gymnastics meet, and been a receptionist. I've voice acted in a cartoon, voice acted in radio ads, and been an extra on TV. I've grilled hot dogs, made coffee, and made hypothetical investment decisions based on little information.

I am 25 years old. This is what precarcity looks like.