Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Die Bourgeois Pig

"We went right away to the hospital, and he showed me the baby. That was very moving. I'm a big baby fan. Then we went back to the studio and started discussing public sculpture and what would make sense for New York City. An art historian was with us. An auction of the Yves Saint Laurent estate was taking place at around the same time at Christie's in Paris. The zodiac clock had been installed in the Old Summer Palace, in Beijing, which was looted by the French and British in 1860. Two of the animal heads eventually wound up with Saint Laurent. Since these had been stolen, there was a huge controversy. Anyway, as we sat in the studio, Weiwei had his 'Aha!' moment. He would create full-size bronze derivations of all twelve of the animal heads."  -New Yorker

-Charlie Rose and Jonathan Waxman, edited for your pleasure

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