Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free Egypt, Free Palestine, Free Power

How long did it take? How long after US and IDF backed strongman Mubarak fell before Fatah and Hamas could meet in Cairo and agree on a coalition Palestinian government? One month, sixteen days.

The causes for the rupture are complex, but the sudden end to the bitter four year split has left commentators grasping at straws. Within 24 hours a media narrative will emerge giving credit to the Egyptian military, or the Israeli blockade, or some other pseudo-Machiavellian great leader narrative that gives credit back to the West. Already Al Jazeera's senior political analyst, Marwan Bishara, has stated that Fatah losing Mubarak and Hamas seeing instability in Damascus is the cause.

In other words, fear of Israel. Which makes sense, because fear of Israel has certainly kept Palestinian political leaders in line in the past.

Sorry fuckers, turns out that the emergence of new regimes, brought about by actual revolutions of the people, rupture dominant power relations in the direction of peace, unity, and political strength for the oppressed.

Democratic revolution in Egypt has already meant an end to a seemingly intractable stalemate in the most seemingly intractable political catastrophe in the globe. So fuck what you hear about fear of Israel, and notice that a free Cairo solved in one month what Mubarak, Al-Assad, Bush, Obama, Netenyahu, Sharon, Olmert, Abbas, Abdullah, Ahmedinejad, and all those other slimy shits couldn't budge in four years.

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