Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big Interview

In a huge coup for the fledgling blog, Wasted Ideology secured an exclusive round table interview with New York City, Washington D.C. and the United States of America!  The discussion began with a focus on law, but it opened up to include culture, economics and geography.  It has been edited for length and coherence.

Wasted Ideology: First of all, I just want to thank you three for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer some questions.
New York City: No problem
Washington D.C: Sure thing
United States of America: I am the schedule, the answer and the question.    

W.I: When will marijuana be legalised?
NYC: When gentrification is complete.
D.C: Never
USA: When we find an easier way to throw young black men in prison.

W.I: Why is the drinking age 21?
D.C:  If your daddy doesn't have a cabinet full of scotch, who are you to desire anything?
NYC: Times Square is fun for the whole family!
U.S.A: So people under 21 will experience the thrill of rebellion while consuming pleasure rather than the pleasure of all consuming rebellion.

W.I: Why are corporations legally people?
NYC: So people will become corporations.
D.C: What, only your best friends get to be human?
USA: Corporations are people.

W.I: Why are flak jackets illegal?
NYC: So cops don't have to worry about aiming for the head.
D.C: So soldiers will keep them in their homes
USA: Scarcity produces value
W.I: What is class warfare?
D.C:100% voter turnout
NYC: Moving from Westchester to Brooklyn
USA: Taxes 

W.I: What is America's most significant export?
DC: Freedom
NYC: Culture
USA: Bosses

W.I: What is America's most significant import?
NYC: Labor
DC: Debt
USA: Fear

What city is the cultural capital of America?
NYC: New York City
DC: Los Angeles
USA: Las Vegas

What city is the center of American power?
DC: Washington D.C
NYC: New York City
USA: Celebration, Florida

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