Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fuck 9/11

Never Forget is a mass neurotic project, a prolonging of libidinal despair. Remember when we felt something, together, as a nation? Remember when those people died for us? Remember how fucking good it felt to feel so bad? So real? Never let that go.
Never Forget really means Always Be Ready to Re-Remember, be prepared to reactivate the fear, anger, and sexual anguish (what were the Twin Towers but two giant cocks?) of that day. 'Let's be who we were on September 12, 2001'.

Never Forget is a political project, the only successful justification for the War in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Bradley Manning, etc. 'Never Forget' we are reminded cyclically, annually, and in between anniversaries we forget, forget even about 'Never Forget', because we don't have jobs or futures or any goddamn money.

But then, right around the start of football season, we are reminded of our national impotence, we are asked to feel guilty about our failure to feel sad all the time, to be ashamed of our inability to be constantly, habitually enthralled to the erotics of national mourning. Never Forget is a sexual project. How dare you be aroused when New York was so violently, doubly castrated? You monster!

Our nation had its boner destroyed, and you need to be able to recall that on a moment's notice, so that when we strip a brown man nude put his head in a bag and put a leash around his neck, you'll understand that that's the only possible revenge, we need to retake erotic empowerment, we need to fuck our way through the globe, but we wont even cum, we can't anymore, we can just dress them up like Osama Bin-Laden and fuck them till their assholes bleed.

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