Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hater of Two Evils

Dear Sir(s?),
In a change that will effect literally ones of people, I am going to be attempting to update this thing with a more controlled regularity. As a result, the need to produce will potentially involve more traditional topics as I ramp up. Like the following, about elections! That's how it's done around here baby. 
With infinite hate,
WHO was Here

The right wing hates Obama so much that, despite continuously ascendent conservative policy for 30 years, Obama-hate produced a spontaneous on-the-ground right wing protest movement, which succeeded in two years in bringing the Republican party even further to the fringey right.

Mitt Romney is like a stack of instant pancakes without any butter or syrup: you're hungry, it's breakfast time, you'll eat it, but your mouth is gonna be incredibly dry and you're really gonna have to force a swallow.

But you know what? You'll still eat it. You might not love it, but it's just hard to hate a stack of pancakes. Ambivalent? Sure. But hate?

No one, and I mean no one, is coming to the polls in 2012 for people they like. Even Michelle misses the house in Chicago and is only sorta half-heartedly smiling for those cameras on November 6.

The clown-car Chinese fire drill that has been the Republican nomination process sure makes it look like Obama could win this one on an anti-colonialist Kenyan-nationalism ticket, but remember, things are getting worse in America.

If ows generalizes and begins to look more like London, if unemployment continues to go up, if foreclosure chaos and student debt and health care costs continue apace, and they will, dear reader, saving some sort of catastrophic bubonic plague that wipes out everyone in the line for presidency up to Bernie Sanders, and that's ignoring the possibility of EU collapse, well, things aren't gonna look so good for Obama.

And honestly, is the Democratic base gonna freak out to stop Romney from getting elected? Sure, he's a milquetoast millionaire Mormon whose leadership qualifications are CEO-dom, but the dude ran Massachusetts for fucks sake. Romney-care precedes Obama-care. Hella liberal cred.

This dude is a boring, centrist piece of shit, which is to say, a wildly misanthropic neoliberal douchebag, which is to say, every president we've had since most of the people who ran Obama's campaign on the ground were born.

But you know what? Republicans hate Obama way more then Dems hate Romney. And when it comes time to step into that voting booth and pull that lever, only the most deluded liberals and 'moderate' republicans are going in there voting for their man.

And all those kids? Wild in the streets.

Hate will run the show this November, and this year hate runs red.

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