Friday, September 7, 2012

Cops Incapable of Murder, Part 3

At 2 AM this morning, 3 armed men held up a bodega in the Bronx. When they had their back turned, 20 year old Reynaldo Cuevas, a clerk at the Bodega, ran out of the store. An NYPD officer, responding to the robbery, shot Cuevas once, fatally, as he attempted to flee the scene. Here's a grainy and upsetting video of the incident.

The New York Post is now reporting that the three alleged robbers will be charged with Cuevas' murder. Once again, as in the ESB shooting, we see that the cops are never responsible for the violence that they inflict. Once again, as with the S. African miners, it is the people who police are acting against, not the police themselves, that are accused of murder. At this point, can anyone question this logic of state violence? The police are not merely 'above the law', they are literally incapable of being its subject.

Time to face some hard truth. When it comes to violence, either the inflicting or receiving of it, police are not people. Don't respect them as such, and if you're getting robbed, never call them. They might just shoot you too.

Condolences and solidarity to Cuevas' family, and all victims of extra-human police violence.

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