Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh giggle, tee hee, tee hee

Didn't have a gun?

Haha, hee hee, shoot him in the eyes, shoot him in the eyes, ooohohohoo, point blank through the eyes, yes, get him.

Teehee, taha, oh my, oh yes. Don't rationalize your celebration, beautiful executioners, please don't, so real, so erotic, your joy. No no no, laugh along: he was unarmed, oh my, oh me, Christmas early and often.

Yes yes yes, we kill our enemies, we kill 'em dead, armed or sick, tee hee, glory, strength, beauty, tee hee.

How brave a nation! Ten years to find a man, a man in the suburbs on dialysis, to shoot him in the face, celebrate in the streets.

Shot in the face! Shot in the face! Unarmed brown man shot in the face!

I love the way they handle their weapons in the field. One good killin, oh ho, one good killin's all we need, oh yes, one good one, yes sir, because a million mediocre dead ain't shit til you got one good one.

Put that damn camel-fucker beard on a pike, let's march through the streets and lust after everything, let's rape our way through the fucking phonebook, let's mingle our blood and our laughter so that fucking infidel, that garbage narcissist, Osama bin Laden, that little fleck of dog excrement on the boot of history, watching up from Hell, let's fucking show him now he won, that stupid evil nothing of a motherfucker.

Let's make the devil shake his hand and say well done well done my boy.

Osama was a tartar build up, we flossed him out, but after a decade's rot why are we surprised to find our breath still stinks of corpses?

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