Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Series of One Act Historical Plays

Take the A Train

The Blues: My suffering is so great that expressing it is its only relief.
Jazz: I can help you transcend that suffering.
Rock and Roll: But his pain is the only American art form!
Hip Hop: Duck motherfuckers!
The American People: Thanks a lot, now I'm fucking bored.

MOMA Mo Problems

The Art World: There are two kinds of images: the crass, commercial image and the beautiful, high art image.
Pop Art: The only thing dividing them are the walls of the museum.
Street Art: But look what I wrote on the walls!
The Art World: Thanks for all the t-shirt ideas you two.
The American People: Sorry, what was that? I was in the bathroom.

Champagne Trail

The Democratic Party: Yes!
The Republican Party: Yes!
The Democratic Party: Yes!
The Republican Party: Yes!
The American People: On second thought, I'm not gonna vote this year.

What the World Needs Now

The Thirties: We need workers' rights!
The Sixties: We need human rights!
Social Science: We need more information.
Post-Structuralism: There is no such thing as need, or information. There is only more.
The American People: Are you guys hiring?

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